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Share the Humwe story with people that you know. Direct them to this website or our Facebook page.

Make a personal donation

In light of Sekuru Magaya's passing we are currently focusing our fundraising on donations towards the Magaya Memorial Fund which offers his many students and friends a way to participate in an important Zimbabwean funeral tradition.

Mourners typically offer donations at Zimbabwean funerals, and a list of these donors is read aloud as part of the burial service. This tradition serves a practical role in covering funeral expenses.

More importantly, it allows bereaved family members to see that an extended community is mourning alongside them. Reflecting this tradition, Kutsinhira will send a list of Magaya Memorial Fund donors to Sekuru Magaya’s family.

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Donate Instruments

We currently have one marimba set that was just acquired within the last month. We were able to purchase the marimbas due to a grant provided by Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center. Thank you Kutsinhira for your support.

As Humwe continues to grow and support more students, we have a great need for more instruments. These include mbira, marimba, hosho, and mateze. If you have instruments that you are not using that are in good condition, you can help Humwe by donating those instruments. If you are interested in donating instruments, please reach out to us at and we can work through how to get the instruments mailed to Humwe.

Organize a fundraiser in your community

There are many ways you can help fundraise for Humwe. Some ideas include benefit concerts if you are part of mbira or marimba ensemble or house concerts. Feel free to be as creative as possible.

Tatenda ~ Siyabonga ~ Thank you!