What We Do


We currently have 17 students participating in our program that range in ages from 10 years to 16 years. We work with the school headmasters/headmistress to select academically high achieving students to participate in our program. Our students are selected from the primary and secondary schools that are in the community we serve.

The schools are:

  • St. Basil Chibikira Primary School
  • St. Kizito Makaure Primary School
  • Matanha Primary School
  • St. John’s Matarutse Primary School
  • Matanha Secondary School
  • St. Michael’s High School

The students attend mbira and marimba lessons every Saturday when public school is in session and they take a break during school holidays. We also provide them with free singing lessons, dancing, and hosho playing.

Our teachers educate the students on the history and the meaning of the songs that they teach. With the influx of western music, most mbira songs that play on the radio or television tend to be a fusion of western and traditional influences. Humwe teaches students traditional songs and dances in order to preserve and promote traditional music and culture.

All the mbira instruments that the students use for learning are provided by Humwe at no expense to the students. The students spend 4 to 5 hours at the Center during each practice session, during that time we also provide them with a meal and a snack as most of the kids will not have had a meal when they come for lessons.


For our activities, we are currently utilizing the facilities of Nhimbe for Progress. We have also been utilizing their marimba set for weekly lessons. They have been very supportive of our vision and mission and we cannot thank them enough for that.