Sekuru Cosmas Magaya - In Memoriam

Gwenymbira Sekuru Cosmas MagayaHe was laid to rest on 13th of July 2020, at his rural home in Mhondoro.

Sekuru Magaya was both the inspiration for Humwe’s Cosmas Magaya Cultural Arts and Education Centre and its Executive Director. It was his longstanding goal and life achievement to share traditional mbira music with Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans alike.

All who knew Sekuru Magaya will remember his wonderful ability and open-hearted willingness to bridge Zimbabwean culture and other cultures, as well as his powerful mbira playing and patient, thorough teaching. This remarkable man touched thousands in a very positive way.

At Humwe, we will remember him as a tireless leader who put the well being of others before his own. A leader who was always working hard to bring people together and uplift his community. We will remember him as our guide in whose footsteps we are attempting to follow. We will always remember his commitment to mbira and the traditions of the Shona people and his desire for the preservation of traditional music for future generations. We have been privileged to know and work with him. We will miss Sekuru Magaya.

Here we share one of the last recordings of Sekuru Magaya with the Humwe students which was pulled together by Zachary Human.

Zororai murugare Chikonamombe. (Rest in peace Chikonamombe). Your legacy will live on through Humwe’s work.